Ariane Mihm | sound healing vocal coaching
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“I think music in itself is healing. It´s an explosive expression of humanity. It´s some­thing we are all touched by. No matter what culture we´re from ever­ybody loves music.”

- Billy Joel -



Born and raised in Germany, Ariane disco­vered her love for music at an early age. After finishing school she spend two years abroad (NYC, USA and Paris, France) to then study clas­sical music in Hamburg and Cologne with mayor trumpet. She earned two degrees both as a musician and musical instructor.


During a long and severe illness she disco­vered the healing qualities of music. First through Mantras, the holy and ancient songs of the Indians, and then through music of the indi­genous people. Finally she disco­vered the healing qualities of her own voice and the gift that it carries.


She loves to share her love for music and what music can do for everyone of us. Her unique talent and high sensi­bility together with a life-long interest of self-realization makes her a excep­tional performer and inspiring teacher.


singing Mantras

together we expe­rience the healing qualities of Mantras, the ancient and sacred songs of the Indians. We sing together, accom­panied by piano. It is about singing from the heart and connecting to your Self rather than singing ”right”. Ever­ybody can join in!

healing voice session

relax and receive the healing sounds and vibration of Ariane´s voice. This session will lead you to your essence and will give you time and space to connect to your heart and soul. It gives a refe­rence expe­rience to take with you in your everyday life. It might release blocks and can give you new insights and clearity.


morning chant

the loss of a beloved is a painful and intimate time. Morning chant comfort and can take you to the place inside you where you are one with ever­y­thing and everyone. Also Ariane sings at funerals and morning events to honor the deceased and to have him/her a good passage to other side.


vocal coaching

Ever­ybody can sing! It´s about disco­vering the unique quality of YOUR voice. Arianes voice coaching goes out exactly for you and your voice It´s about singing with all of your body, all of your heart. It´s about finding out about yourself, about your expression in the world. Let yourself out, let your voice be heard!


conce­remony · sound of the soul

This perfor­mance is the union of concert and ceremony. It will touch you deep in the center of yourself. With voice, piano and drum Ariane connects the worlds and takes you to a place of unity and inner peace. It is a sound expe­rience with intuitve music: music, that arises out of the moment.


get in touch

If you have any ques­tions or wish to book me please contact me using the following tele­phone number or e-mail adress:


fon +49 (0) 177 5269753